Marketing Consulting

Marketing Consultant Karen Thurm Safran (MBA)I’m Karen Thurm Safran, an innovative marketing consultant known for achieving results – even when the goal seems impossible. I’ve always been the “go to” person when things need to get done. With an MBA, I have a proven track record of successfully driving brand awareness, increasing customer acquisition, creating marketing campaigns, developing key partnerships, building programs, expanding market share, closing deals, and maximizing profit margins to help companies grow.

I have over 20 years of digital marketing and traditional marketing experience in EdTech (Education Technology) and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) for K-12 and Higher Education. This includes working for Apple, iD Tech Summer Educational Programs, and Corvus/Control Data Education. Additionally, I’ve worked with these other industries: Games, Entertainment, 3D Graphics, Computers, Healthcare, Restaurants, Consumer Products, Consumer Services, and Business Services. 


  • Played a significant role in launching and growing an EdTech startup to $50M+, generating an average 20% annual growth rate, and driving customer acquisition 3,000%.
  • Reduced expenses by $60M+ through product donations with strategic partners.
  • Negotiated and closed 65+ deals which generated $100M+ cumulatively— and continues to drive revenue and profits today.
  • Built and led several marketing departments from the ground up, developing and executing hundreds of marketing brand campaigns using a data driven analytical approach.
  • Grew the Apple Distinguished Educator program to one worldwide K-12 and Higher Ed program, created a way to share best practices, and evangelized the program across the company.
  • Worked at these companies: iD Tech Summer Educational Programs, VP of Marketing & Business Development (2001-2015) and VP of Strategic Partnerships (2016), Apple, Sr. Marketing Manager (1998-2001), CrystalGraphics, Director of Marketing (1996-1998), Accolade Games, Sr. Product Marketing Manager (1993-1996)


  • Strategic Marketing and Execution
  • Brand Awareness, Positioning and Messaging
  • Partnerships and Business Development
  • Product Launches and Project Management
  • Demand Generation, Customer Acquisition and Retention
  • Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing
  • Marketing Communications
  • Closing Deals, Negotiation and Sales
  • Coaching Companies to Make Employees Accountable and More Efficient


“I am grateful to have worked with Karen for the last 15 years. She is an inspirational dynamo. She is driven by a palpable passion to help companies and individuals excel. When others think something is impossible, Karen finds a way. In the end, she makes it look like magic. I’ve watched her tackle challenges with resilience, grace and strength hundreds of times over the years, always giving her all.”
– Joy Meserve, Chief Program Officer at iD Tech

“Karen has been incredible to work with–with unparalleled energy, she is an expert in developing creative ways to partner (strategy and tactics), executing on key ideas, and measuring what works. Her follow through and commitment to “mission” are exceptional.”
– Jahnell Pereira, Business Development Officer at Sparkfun

“Karen knows the right strings to pull and buttons to push when it comes to strategizing and moving projects to completion. And, I’ve never met anyone with the ability turn the hard “no” into a resounding “yes.” She’s a true go getter in every sense of the term, and everyone who has worked with her is better for it. Karen is a valuable asset to any team, and better, there is simply no replacing her and her skill set.”
– Ryan Barone, SEO/Growth Marketing Manager at Xactly Corp


I look forward to learning how I can help you with your marketing, digital marketing, business development and sales needs.


Karen Thurm Safran

Principal & Marketing Consultant